Laser Liposuction or SmartLipo Which Works Better?


A number of physicians feel that a comparison of laser-aided suctioning and SmartLipo leaves out a noteworthy possibility. SmartLipo is a fat-removal process that is carried-out by using a laser. When originally introduced, it was designed to be combined with the procedure known as tumescent liposuction. That is a technique that relies on the utilization of a special liquid, one that gets inserted into a targeted region of adipose tissue. The laser enhances the ability of that liquid to melt the targeted fat, thus making it easier to suction out. Unfortunately, the act of placing a laser under the skin exposes certain body tissues to the risk of injury. Moreover, the presence of that sharp and hot object can disturb the blood supply in those same tissues. That reduces each tissue’s ability to receive those components of the blood that are meant to help the healing process, so that it can proceed in an expeditious manner. Recently some doctors have chosen to replace the laser’s penetrating beam with the power of ultrasound waves. Like a laser’s hot beams, those waves can facilitate the loosening of fatty substances. That makes such loosened substances easier to remove, an act which represents the goal of a liposuction. Still, even doctors who have begun using ultrasound to do-away with unsightly adipose tissues cannot accept every potential patient. For instance, a woman with a ventricular shunt would not be encouraged to take advantage of the new procedure, in order to fix a flabby neck. That is because research has not yet revealed the extent to which the sound waves might affect the programmed device that sends fluid through the ventricular shunt.

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